FS: PS Audio Perfectwave Memory Player/Transport

PS Audio Perfectwave Transport (PWT), Silver.
Very little use. Still has the plastic on top. FS: $1200.00.
Including, orig remote, manual, power cord.
I’ll pay shipping Conus. I’ll take Paypal
Any questions, let me know.
CJPerfectwave1 perfectwave2 Perfectwave3 Perfectwave 4

Sorry for that: But your Supply is a PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport (PWT). Well, with Digital Lense, but it is the predecessor of the PS Audio Memory Player …

This is the only transport that is truly a memory player. It has a large buffer that hold about 30 seconds of music. The DMP and PST have very short buffers that barely stay ahead of the music. The play the disks on the fly. The PWT does data extracion.


Thnks for the correction.


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good fortune in selling the transport! I had it for some years and it did always a good job. The condition of yours seems to be absoluteley perfect. Agreeing with sixpack1, the digital buffer is larger than by any successors …

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