FS: PS Audio Power Plant Premier (PPP) (Sold)

Up for sale is my PS Audio Power Plant Premier (PPP), with original double box, power cord, manual and remote. I am the original owner. The PPP was serviced back in September of 2012 for clicking noises. PPP has been rock solid ever since with no issues what so ever.

There are a couple hair line scratches that can hardly be seen on the top right corner faceplate. I would give the unit a rating of 8/10 due to it’s age.

Asking $750.00 with free shipping CONUS.

The reason for sale is that I just purchased a PS Audio P15.

And if anybody wants to buy this I have the rack mount ears for PPP which you can have for free.

Thanks Brodric…that’s very generous of you!!!:sunglasses:


Sold on A’gon.