FS: PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/Preamp


Selling a mint condition black PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC & Fully Balanced Analog Preamp, including Headphone Amplifier. Mint aesthetic and working condition. Includes two remotes, power cord, manual, original packing/box. Transferable warranty with nearly 2 years remaining. No scratches, dents or dings. I purchased it a year ago from someone who had recently obtained it new, but subsequently decided to pare down my desktop system and never set it up. Retails for $1699, I’m offering it for $1125 with CONUS shipping included at the offering price. Check my feedback at Audiomart, Audiogon, Audio Asylum, Head-fi and eBay (genegold99). Send PM.

Class A balanced analog preamplifier
Full function DAC
Class A headphone output
Remote control
Fixed or variable DAC mode
2 output 12 volt triggers

Photos at https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649480667-ps-audio-stellar-gain-cell-dac-amp-fully-balanced-analog-preampheadphone-amp/


“Fortunately, PS Audio’s Stellar Gain Cell DAC delivers outstanding performance in all three areas—D/A converter, preamplifier, and headphone amplifier. None of those aspects feels like an add-on or bonus feature, secondary to the main event. This is a device that can truly act as the heart of even a complex system. In an era where many devices seem to have throw-away headphone outputs, PS Audio truly does justice to headphone listeners everywhere.”

“The PS Audio’s Stellar DAC is a well built, quality component with excellent functionality (headphone jack, too) with solid performance at an affordable price. In other words, a true audio bargain.”

“At only $1699 for the GCD, you come very close to getting the whole tamale, which tastes a whole lot like PS Audio’s DirectStream offerings, and at a greatly reduced price point from those flagship devices. The GCD is a keeper—it comes very highly recommended!”