FS - PS Audio Trio in Silver, DSD with Bridge ll, DSMP, BHK Preamp [DSD and Preamp sold]


All mint, original owner, bought from authorized dealer, sound fantastic. Only selling as audio system has taken different turn with triamped speakers with digital inputs. Price - 3k for DSD, BHK, 3.4 K for DSD with bridge, 9k for all three. Check my Audiogon feedback under Edmiston and buy with confidence.




Let me know if you might interested in parting with just the Bridge II.



I’m interested in the preamp. What is your zip code? How old is it?


Mark - I’ll take the DSD as long as it includes the bridge II at your price listed if no issues with it. Apparently I dont have the ability yet to PM, so please reach out to me via PM and I assume it should let me respond, if not I can post my phone number / email. Would like to get a bit more info / pics and can give you my ebay or audiogon name if you want for reference.




Hi Ron,

Sorry for the delay in response. The preamp is a year old at the end of this month. It does include NOS tubes. Zip code is 32605, Gainesville, Florida.

Thanks for your interest.



Hi Steve,

There are no issues at all. Feel free to email me at kafue1@hotmail.com. I work 14 hour night shifts and am getting my butt kicked so apologies if my response is not immediate.

Kind regards,



Hi Ron,

Don’t know if you are still interested in the BHK preamp but I wanted to let you know that on Thursday I am heading to the UK for two months so it would have to happen soon.

Kind regards,



Sorry Mark. Other expenses getting in the way right now. Best of luck.


Mark–I should have replied direct to you. See my reply.


Mark - just hooked up the DSD. It’s been a pleasure working with you! Looking forward to playing with it this weekend.

All - since there isn’t any way for me to really leave feedback I’ll leave this here. Mark was a great seller; good communication, product as described in like new condition, fast shipping and no BS. Buy in confidence.


Hey Mark,

Just checking to see if you still have the DSMP and BHK preamp for sale? Thanks in advance for your time!



Hi Blake,

Yes I do, thank you for asking. The bad news is that I have just arrived in the UK and won’t be back in the US until the 18th of June. I tried to delete my listing, but could not figure out how to do it! The units are mint and ready to go, I just can’t get to them for a while. Of course I do not expect you to wait two months, but if by some quirk of fate you are still interested then, do let me know.

Kind regards,



Thanks so much! For some reason, this went to junk mail or I would have replied sooner. Hope you love it!



Hi Mark

Is the preamp sold or still available? I can’t tell by posts the later June time is of no concern.



I just want to give everyone here a positive shoutout on Mark. I just received a BHK Signed Preamp from him. Mark was a consummate gentleman with great communication. The Preamp is in lovely shape and I received a quad of Tungsram tubes along with the OEM tubes. It was triple boxed and well taped. It survived 1300 miles of FedEx Ground football. It’s playing as i write this and I want to give Mark a positive review here should he sell more items to our Forum members.