FS PWD MKII upgrade kit

Just converted my Mk II to DSD.

The original kit consist only of the digital board from PS Audio.
The analogue boards and power supplies I am offering for free. The reason for this PS Audio has a few versions of their digital pcb to match the analogue pcb, buy using these 2 pcbs together will result in no mismatch
This conversion uses the metal casing and the display unit only.
Every thing else has been removed as in the pictures. This is a MKII without the metal casing and display which will allow to convert from PWD to PWD MKII.
I am offering this package this way because the original digital boards were delivered in a few different versions from PS Audio.
In this case only your metal casing with display will be used.

Price 300.00

If I can buy another PWD empty metal case, and display? I will buy it now, and have my 2nd PS DAC

Unfortunately we do not have any available.

Is this still available? If so, I’m very interested in it.

I have a brand new and sealed pwd mk2 upgrade kit for sales. A complete brand new original PWD parts are also available to guarantee compactable. PM me if interested.

I just emailed about the Bridge, do you have the DSD kit?

I recently upgraded my PWD Mk. II to DS. I sealed and boxed everything from the Mk. II. If interested in purchasing, let me know.


Did you sell the kit yet?


I have a kit I I’ll sell to you for $100


Sounds good

my email is don.strickland@pennecon.com

email me and we can sort out details