FS: Schiit Audio Gumbi Multibit with USB-5 and Mjolnir 2 and 75 Silver Shield Reflectors and Audeze LCD-2 (Pre-Fazor)

Selling my headphone set up:

  • Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit DAC w/ USB-5
  • Schiit Audio Mjolinir 2
  • GRAIL tubes: 1975 Silver Shield Reflectors (98% new)
  • Audeze LCD-2 Headphones with upgraded headband, new ear pads, new yokes and new yoke rods

Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit DAC with upgraded USB-5
Schiit Audio Mjolinir 2 with stock tubes
One Pair of GRAIL tubes: 1975 Silver Shield Reflectors (98% new)

  • Original boxes included
  • Perfect mechanical condition, and excellent cosmetic condition
  • Both units sent in to Schiit for inspection in Q4 2019 (Mjoliner 2 had the main board replaced and the Gumby received a new USB-5 card). Can include paperwork.
  • New: $2,350 (inclusive of tax and shipping)
  • Asking: $1,650 delivered (U.S.) via insured FedEx (without the Reflektors)
  • For an extra $450 I will include matched a pair of Grail Tubes: a 1975 Silver Shield matched pair HG 6N23P 6922 E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC. There are about 50 hours on these tubes, which are rated for 5,000 hours. These are selling for $750 on eBay (another seller), and will blow your mind. You must hear this combination – it creates a sense of completion and finality that suggests the quest is over. That said, I am not a tube expert so please ask any questions and I will provide you with any information I have. To be clear: the price for the set with the Reflektor tubes (highly recommended) will be: $2,100. I will pay to ship (U.S. lower 48) and will cover the PP fee.

Audeze LCD-2s (Original) with upgrades

  • Excellent condition Audeze LCD-2s. These are the famous pre-Fazor Audeze, which many prefer. These headphones put Audeze on the map. I have just replaced the yokes and the rods (purchased direct from Audeze) ($50) and installed new Dekoni Elite perforated lambskin pads ($85) (these are new and unused). These come with an upgraded lambskin leather headband ($75 upgrade when purchased). I’ve oiled the wood and treated the headband leather with Saphir leather conditioner. My gear gets the respect it deserves. No abuse or stories - just gentle use and adoration.
  • Includes the original double shipping box and the original varnsihed hardwood case, spec sheet, and two Audeze headphone cables (balanced and single end – never used), as well as the original headband and the original (spare) yoke rods.
  • These saw light use but were always a pleasure and match famously with the Schiit stack I have for sale.
  • New: $750 firm or $600 if purchased as part of the package above (i.e. $2,700 all in). Not accepting offers on the full package, as I estimate $200 will go to PP fees and insured shipping.

I will post photos based on interest. Check out my eBay profile where I’ve been a seller since 1999 with a perfect rating as a seller (over 400 high-end items sold). In-person SF Bay Area transaction preferred (with appropriate precautions).