FS: Shunyata Alpha Model 2 power conditioner

I am no longer using my Shunyata Hydra Alpha Model 2 power conditioner (two outlets). It is excellent for use with components that live far away from the rack or main power conditioner, such as amps (that’s how I used it). It does not limit current as some conditioners do.

– this is the more recent Alpha version, not the original Model 2
– requires a 20 amp connector on the power cord
– power conditioning only, no surge protection
– excellent condition, original box and manual

When last available, the MSRP was $1300. I also have the stainless steel feet, MSRP $200. I am asking $650 for the Alpha Model 2 and $100 for the feet, total $750. I also have a 20" long 20 amp power cord made for this application by Cullen Cable. I will include the cord for an extra $50.

PM me if interested. Thanks!