FS: Sold BHK 300s 2 for less than 1 with Warranty & Free Delivery (BHK 250 OWNERS) Sold

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I cannot believe these have not sold already.


Last call and last chance to pick up your as new, mint condition amps with warranty coverage for 56% OFF their retail price! Tomorrow this ad will be pulled and they will be gone.

BHK 250 owners, here is your chance to sell your amp and upgrade to BHK 300s for less than $3k. A 20% improvement over the BHK 250 per the description on the PS Audio website for less than $3k. For real, no joke!

Transferable warranty, one owner, as new condition, meticulously cared for, all packaging (packed as new), owner’s manual, and power cables! Great sounding & versatile hybrid amplifiers, among the best available. Stereophile & TAS, among others, recommended. Steal them at this price! Including delivery between Northern VA and Southern ME. Pickup, shipping and/or Paypal also are available.


Can’t believe they haven’t sold! I can offer free storage! Best of luck Norton! I should of listed my M700’s to give me a little bit of funds to put toward these beauty’s!

This is such an amazing deal!!!

Thanks guys! My apologies to those who hesitated or waited.

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Woo hoo! Congrats.

Another $500 drop and I would have been sorely tempted to rob Peter to pay Paul (to scrabble the $$$ together somehow).

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Congratulations these were a great deal for someone

Thank goodness! This was painful for me to see everyday! I was getting ready to hold up a liquor store!


You and me both.

I drove by one a few times, very slowly.




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That was quite the cliffhanger.


Congrats!!! Someone got a great deal.

Thank you guys! My DSD Sr, DMP, P20 & BHK all sold within 2 weeks. Not sure the the 300s took so long. Guessing people who like PS Audio equipment don’t want to spend this kind of money.

Does not speak well for the high end DAC and speakers PSA is currently planning.

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I dunno… possible folks who have that kind of money like to purchase new? Don’t discount the pandemic and economic disruption. People may be more cautious about how and when they are spending their savings. One can never know what’s motivating purchases, or demotivating them as the case may be. Glad this sold — I was rooting for you!

Probably got the record for most posts in sale thread ever!

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Would like to believe it is something else. But, the Marantz and Anthem dealers I dealt with for replacement gear are slammed. Actually had to switch SACD players because of all the back orders. Just ordered all new Kitchen Aid appliances, some models are backordered until next year. My BMW motorcycle dealer is slammed. My dad is a boat broker and will have his best year ever in 2020. People with ‘money’ are buying right now, no question.

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A few folks are doing very nicely out of the pandemic.

The uk property market (only really accessible to the “better off” thanks to poor housing policy over the last 40 years) is doing very well indeed at the moment too.

I could rant, but that would be rude :slight_smile:

Meantime I am delighted these have sold!

Same with pools in Florida. If you order today they start digging in April 2021. There is also a 30% price premium compared to this time last year.

I don’t mind spending that much on PS Audio but it’s just not there to spend. Trust me I was trying everything possible short of maxing out my credit card. If I had any idea they were going to take that long to sell I would of listed my M700’s to help! But you know how that goes you would of sold the 300’s the same time and I’d be short two amps! Congrats on the sales!

Thank you Paul!