FS: Sold BHK 300s 2 for less than 1 with Warranty & Free Delivery (BHK 250 OWNERS) Sold

I hear the same at most computer (Apple) stores and audio dealers. The vacation and “eating outside” budgets get spent on electronics.

I just think, that with the ever rising quality of compact and energy efficient class D amplifiers the big class AB mono’s become an increasingly more complex proposition to place in a living room.

The market profiting most from Covid 19 are Air Conditioning manufacturers, whole sellers and installers. Over here it is not normal to have AC at home. Due to Covid 19 people work at home in the attic and the hot summers don’t contribute to the well being in the attic.

So there is a run on AC units. I bailed out on them and put that (considerable) money into better thermal insulation. I have a mega deal: it is much more environmental friendly, we have a green roof now. Actually the roof has now become one surface of biologic airconditioning that replaced the heat absorbing and heat storage device the roof was before.