FS: Teddy Pardo 7v $300 (SOLD)

I offer a 7v Teddy Pardo LPS. This is the right LPS for EtherRegen or Matrix, and mine has done both duties admirably, but got replaced with FARAD through a move or two.


For Sale is one Teddy Pardo LPS at 7v ($300) purchased just last October. Stock.

I’m in Denver. Probably not international shipping. Probably UPS.


I have this USB to. Awesome sounding cable. Period.

Do you have the original packaging and manual?

Does your price include shipping and PayPal fee?

I have everything. It doesn’t come with an especially memorable box, iirc. I’ve been careful to keep artifacts and boxes, etc.

Curious what you have in mind for it and that it’s a good match for your needs! It’s a great choice for a few different things that have been in heavy use in hifi.

Where would it ship to? Please consider venmo.


PM sent.