FS: Upgrade kits for PWD II (2) [Sold]

I’ve got two PWD II dac innards, all intact and in good working condition, both of which were pulled to upgrade to Directstream’s. If you’ve got a PWD I and would like to make the leap to Mk II - well worth it - contact me here or by PM. I haven’t figured out a price for each, but it will definitely be very reasonable. Better these end up in a home where appreciated than on my shelf. I don’t have the upgrade kit instructions, but they can be had from PS Audio directly (or gleaned working backwards from the Directstream’s).

One sold, one still looking for a new home. Buyer will need tools and hardware (or reuse existing), which I’m sure PS Audio will be glad to help out with. $185 shipped CONUS.

Is this still available? If so, I’m very interested in it.

Someone else recently messaged me that he wants to buy it. I’m awaiting payment. He’s abroad, so I’ll give him a couple more days. I’ll get back to you one way or the other. Thanks,


I just received the money, so it’s no longer available. Thanks for your interest and good luck.