FS Von Schweikert VR 35 speakers. Sold

New price: $3,000.

For sale Von Schweikert VR35’s with upgraded JPS internal wiring.

Have the original boxes and will ship from Denver zip code 80226. Buyer pays shipping costs.

I am the original owner of these speakers which have resided in a dedicated smoke-free, kid free listening room from day one. They have been very well cared for and are in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

These speakers have provided me years of trouble free musical enjoyment. Selling due to upgrade.

You can check out my 100% positive feedback on Audiogon, user name gme109.




"If you do not achieve “goose bumps” when you are listening to the VR-35 Export Deluxe speakers, you have not achieved their full potential " - Enjoy the Music

"Von Schweikert Audio’s VR-35 Export Deluxe is a remarkable loudspeaker. It performed wonderfully, handling all musical genres with aplomb. " - SoundStage!

Specifications :

Frequency Response: 25 Hz to 30 kHz (+/- 3dB) Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal, with a minimum of 5 Ohms @ 25 Hz.

Tweeter: 1" treated fabric dome, Danish-designed Dual Ring design with rear chamber for low resonance and powerful response down to the midrange band, Low Distortion Motor, and custom voice coil/top plate design for low distortion.

Midrange: Two Scan-Design 6" treated paper cast-frame bass-mids with low distortion motors, elevated spiders, copper clad pole pieces, and composite laminated cones using cellulose acetate pulp, plastic resin, and carbon impregnation to eliminate standing waves on the cone surface.

Crossover: First order circuit using “audiophile-grade” parts, with cross points set at 80 Hz and 6 kHz. All crossover parts are made by Mundorf and Erse, with custom solid copper foil capacitors insulated with Teflon dielectric film.

Subwoofer: Scan-Design custom 10" with Low Distortion Motor, laminated composite cone, elevated spider, long throw design, and copper clad pole piece.

Woofer Alignment: Quasi-transmission line design using three chambers, each tuned to a different resonant frequency to extend the bandwidth and reduce “one note bass” typical of ported boxes. Woofer “fires” at rear wall to boost the bass at 20 Hz by 3dB, and can be “tuned” by user.

Power Rating: 35 watts minimum, up to 500 watts on peak music. Dimensions: 50 x 16 x 12 (HxWxD in inches) Weight: 115 lbs.

Can you post some pictures?

Would be helpful, I believe…



Plan on getting some close-up photos posted today.

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Off topic Gary, but are those sliding wood panels behind you setup? And is it cat approved?

Very nice!

What is next on the speaker agenda?


Yes those are two closets with bypass doors behind the speakers. Probably not ideal but it’s what I have to deal with. To keep them from rattling I placed some foam in between the space of the two bypass doors. Every time I leave my listening position my cat Pumpkin nabs The Sweet spot.

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Alta Alec.


They look great!

Did you get to do a “shoot out”, so to speak, b/t the VS’s and your new speakers?

Any design with a “ribbon” or some variant for a “tweeter” working with/from similar properties automatically interests me as I have come to believe (in my limited experience) such designs offer superior high frequency performance and imaging.


[PS - Any plans/need to augment the bass? I always (rightly or wrongly) associate limited bass performance with two-way designs.]

These speakers have won me over, they do so many things right and completely disappear in my room. The one area they may not compete with the VR 35’s, is in power handling. I could crank the VR 35s up to ridiculously high and probably dangerous SPL’s. That’s not to say the Alec’s won’t play loud. The bass and output these two-way speakers produce defy physics.
The thing I like the most about these speakers is their musicality. Acoustic instruments are produced with uncanny realism.


I love the VR 35’s - GLWS!

Have you heard them?

I have (as well as the VR4’s). Had I not just purchased the Salks, I would seriously consider them.

Which model Salk’s did you get? I’ve heard a few of his speakers at the RMAF and I was very impressed with what I was hearing.

10-4. Thanks for sharing.


I picked up a lightly used set of Salk Veracity HT3’s. Discontinued as the woofer is no longer in production.

Couple more questions on your VR35’s as I can share with some friends. Are you looking to ship or local pickup? If shipping, do you have original boxes? If pickup, what part of the county?

Thanks again.

Yes I have all original boxes and I can ship. I live in Denver Colorado.

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Price lowered to $3,000.