FS: Wireworld Electra 7 Power Cable, 2.0M, 20 Amp IEC - SOLD

Thanks to all how have purchased cables! I only have 1 cable left. It’s 5 months old, was purchased from an authorized dealer, and in excellent condition.

  • 1 - Wireworld Electra 7 Power Cord, 20 Amp IEC, 2.0m, Retail $400. This cable has the upgrade Silver Clad plugs and is perfect for your P20 or anything needing a 20 Amp IEC. - Asking $220 shipped

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Some fine looking cables. Best of luck on your sale.

Thank you! Are you interested in any? :smile:

Thank you, but I am not in need.

Neither was I but I bought three.

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The dumpster sweetens!

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I reduced prices on most of the cables! Give them try!


I am interested in your Stratus 7.

PM Sent…

Dangit. Missed it. Darn church!!

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Lowered prices and updated the pictures of the remaining cables.

Thank you to all that have purchased cables. I only have 2 left, lets get them sold!