FS: Wyred4Sound mINT integrated amp/dac

Excellent condition mINT Integrated Amplifier. I am the original owner, purchased from Underwood HiFi. Comes with original packaging & remote. You’d be hard pressed to distinguish this from new. Very efficient Class D ICE modules put out 100 W/ch into 8 ohms and has a great ESS DAC. MSRP is $1495. Selling due to going to separates - the Stellar GCD is staying! Here’s the specs from the Wyred4Sound website.

With a built-in DAC, powerful headphone amp, small footprint, and rave reviews from almost every publication in the industry, what’s not to like about our mini-Integrated Amp? Sporting a top-tier ESS DAC, the mINT supports 24 bit 192kHz streaming through S/PDIF inputs and 24 bit 96kHz via USB. Configurable analog inputs and outputs round out this unit as a one-size-fits-all solution. On the amplification side, the mINT uses compact and efficient amp technology to deliver 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, controlling large speakers with ease. A sweet little unit that’s won awards from Tone Audio magazine, 6 Moons and Home Theater Review among others, a mINT is sure to get your system in mint condition!

Check out the review on 6moons, which ended with: “Clearly the mINT offers an awful lot for not very much. It gets there with far fewer compromises than seem realistic. And that’s my whole fascination with realsization: downscale complexity and expense, acquire a good serving of the high end. Be a snob and spend a mint. Or be smart and stop at a mINT. Cute? Sure is. But still true.”

$850 OBO.


Any offers? I’d like to free up funds to purchase a PWT.clapping_gif