Fun in 5.1 & Now 7.4.4

Until I can afford a DSD Sr. (Next year - used market), I use a Sony UBP-X1000ES and a Sony STR-DN1080 that I’ve hacked 6 true balanced XLR outputs off of the HDMI PCB inside the AVR. The L & R outs go to my SGCD & two M700’s, the Center Channel XLR goes to a McIntosh MC50, and for now I’m stuck with the Sony AVR’s internal amp to power my Surround channels. It’s a work in progress (:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:).

To answer your question, I use “Make MKV” which is free with a 30 day trial. When it expires, I just remove it form my PC and reinstall again for another 30 day trail. It copies BluRay’s and strips away the nasty copy protection which defaults to 48kHz when I play a BD. When I copy my own legally bought discs, I copy them onto my PC’s hard drive which then strips the copy protection and gets me true 96/24 5.1 audio.