Fun in 5.1

In response to Paul’s Post today. So does he “get up or get down” ?

I recently got this SACD. If you like pipe organ music, this is a great demo disc for showing how a good 5.1 recording can sound like you are in a concert hall.


I’ll definitely check it out.


I really enjoyed David Byrne’s American Utopia on HBO last night. I highly recommend it. I wish I’d seen the Broadway show or the tour.



Prefer this over the MFSL (purely for the added 5.1). It sounds gritty and dirty in 5.1 for the the RIGHT reasons. Great remix.

It’s an Elton Night. 5.1 SACD Layer.


Tonight it Wind & Wuthering 5.1 SACD Layer. I have the DTS 96/24 DVD-A disc and this sounds much better.


That’s a cool looking set of OB speakers. Are they your design or commercially made?

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Those kinda my design. My build anyways. I channeled the Infinity RS2’s without realizing it until one one my YouTube subscribers pointed it out since he actually owns a pair restored.

The H-Frames stacked Subs are a variation on a Martin King design. He uses an 18" high Qts design. A friend built a pair and lent them to me but the took over my living room. Nicely built though.

Mine are two stacked cheap $18/each 12" GRS Woofers also high Qts. I get clean distortion free Bass down to 30Hz all day. There is no “room boom” whatsoever. My Wife says they’re ugly. But what does she know :zipper_mouth_face:.

Thanks Baldy

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Nice. I was going to buy one of Danny’s kits but I realized that I would never get time to put them together and as you said between the speakers and double or triple subs the living room would be slightly overwhelmed. I bought a set of Spatial X5’s and paired them with my SVS 3000 subs. That was a really nice experience. I recently bought a used set of Acoustic Zen Crescendo MK2’s and they are also very nice but different as you would suspect. The OB’s are actually a better presentation everywhere in the room and the Zen’s are better in the sweet spot. I would say they are equal but different and both very good.

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Yeah, it’s so true. Mine do have a nice Phantom Center image. Not super tight but focused enough that when watching a movie in Stereo, it almost appears to be coming from the TV. I do love the knock off GRS built copy of a BG Planar Tweeters. They are easy to crossover, and sound super nice without any hint of shrillness at higher volumes.

I would love to get GR Research N-Xotica X-Tremes with the double stacked OB Subs. I heard Ron Brenay’s system (N-Xotica’s with double stacked H-Frame Servo Subs/Amps) and it’s impressive enough to fill all the usual audiophile adjectives.

Hard to listen to box Speakers after I built these. I heard the Spatial Sapphires at Ron’s place as well last. They needed Subs but are excellent Speaker for that kinda money.

The KEF R3’s that my friend lent me of of great at everything except lower Bass extension.

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