Fuse sound quality


On my BHK 250 I used the SR Black on the power inputs and HiFi Tuning Supreme (black) on the rails, and, boy, did it sound better! (The SR Black were on sale about 2 weeks before the Blue came out, so I just ran with the Black. And they’re fine.)

Paul said he was going to try better fuses on the rails,d but I don’t know if he did in between the move across the street. To me, the fuses made a big difference, enough to think I didn’t have to buy the 300’s.



You know, we actually brought in a bunch of SR Black fuses a while back! Some for the DSD and DMP and for a pair of BHK monos.

I don’t think we ever got around to trying them out in the Music Room… I wonder where those fuses went? I haven’t seen them since the move… Maybe it’s time to hunt them down now that the Music Room is back up and running.


Seriously, get a set for the rails, too. Remember, the rail fuses are fast-blow (thin wire), so they may block flow a bit. Made a helluva difference in the BHK250 when I tried it.

But let me know if I’m wrong . . . .]



As far as I’m concerned, there is no ‘wrong’ when it come to these sorts of things. If it sounds good to you, then it is good.

I’ll start asking around to see if I can find the fuses. I think we bought rail fuses as well, so hopefully I can hunt them down.


I found the rail fuses made a big difference, especially in my BHK 250. I wondered ever since then if the 250 with the better rail fuses matched the sonic performance of the 300’s with standard fuses. (the 300 came out 2 weeks after my 250 was delivered, so I wasn’t going to trade in the 250 that soon)

Let us know! Thanks.



Hey! I’m coming to Boulder on June 3rd to visit. Do I need to bring a spare set of fuses to try and prove my point? Or have you tried alternate rail fuses yet on the 250?




I think it’s interesting that nobody can explain why a fuse would make SQ better, but, expensive ones always sound better! Different, I may believe, but better? Sounds more like self fulfilling prophecy in most cases. Doesn’t mean I won’t go spend too much money on a set!


We haven’t tried any alternate fuses yet, unfortunately. Still haven’t been able to find the fuses we picked up…

Feel free to bring some with you when you come through town! I’d love to hear how they sound.


Ted has in the past. They live on the edge of blowing, they have to but it’s this design characteristic that presents a reactive load and thus can affect the sound.

I’ve found some lesser $ ones that sound (or rather improve the sound) every bit as much as the expensive ones for me, in my system to my ears. Try some $15-20 fuses first. I’ve got a few of these and have been very pleased and they aren’t silly expensive. https://amr-audio.co.uk/products/gold-fuses/


Last time I bought AMR fuses if in the US you buy them directly from iFi.


I have not tried different rail fuses. And we use the BHK 300s pretty much exclusively.


The fuses I use are $60 each. I can bring a set of 4, but I’m not going to buy 8. What should I do?


I actually was able to find where the SR Black fuses we bought went. I should have them on hand shortly to test things out. Perhaps it won’t be necessary for you to bring your fuses.


Ooh, that’ll save me $280. Thanks!

I’d be especially interested to hear how the BHK250 with the new fuses sounds compared to the BHK300’s with stock rail fuses.

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I’ve purchased from this store on eBay, very quick ship to US from UK.


Brett that is who I bought from for years until I found out Tweek Geek carried them. The last time I needed one they were gone from his website so I called him and he said that iFi decided to sell the fuses direct in the US. So I contacted the iFi guys through their page on AudioCircle and they sent me a PayPal invoice. That’s been a year so they may have changed their minds again.


Good to know, thanks. I just put one in my DS a couple months ago and that was the last device…I’ve yet to pop any of them but toasted two other brand, SR Black and something else that was similarly priced) in my BHK pre before I decided to not buy anymore $$$ fuses.

I suspect the BHK pre may be slightly underrated, or the fuses were a bit overrated or is it the other way around, regardless, you get the idea.



This is another good sounding ceramic fuse at an even better price than the AMR’s



I wonder if a lot of these fuses are actually any different than the stock fuses. I have only found ceramic body, gold caped fuses in PS Audio components. I’d be surprised if Paul and Co would throw just anything in there. That said, I use Syn Blue and they are clearly superior to my ears.
And I have always found them to sound best going in left-to-right, which I’m sure must be just a happy accident.


Paul voiced the fuses we used - they’re not to the level of most aftermarket fuses, but they’re substantially better than the cheapo fuses out there.