Fuse sound quality


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I can tell you for a fact that fuses in the DS Sr make a difference. I could have picked it out in DBT every time. And I’m not someone who imagines differences in cables or power cords much, for example. I used the SR Black at first and then tried the Audio Magic beeswax fuse (I know, I know. Sounds like snake oil) and the AM fuse was much more liquid and detailed. I was totally prepared for no change at all. But there it was. And both were much more detailed than stock. It’s crazy, but it’s a real thing.


You know I doubt I can hear that good now. Or maybe ever I find it very interesting that you can hear that. I do believe you but nonetheless amazes me. Unless that particular item has much more effect on sound than I am giving it. I suppose it does not hurt to try a couple. I am not thinking of spending more than like $50 per fuse and sample 3 maybe. I do believe in cables but not knowing if I will hear the fuse I shall start small. I mean like capacitors and resistors I can certainly hear. Well it is the inlet of the whole thing I guess. I do not know why MR. Smith would not use a good fuse then. Well I guess they have to stop somewhere or this would be the flagship by now. Not sure how you open DS SR.? Is it even cool with them to do it?


PS Audio doesn’t use cheap fuses for their products, but just like power cords there are so many choices and opinions it’s best just to include one that’s more than adequate, but not exorbitant.

To open a DS get the PWD to DS upgrade kit instructions from the [Resources][Downloads[Download Software and Guides][DirectStream Kit] That details how to open the box and deal with various gotcha’s you might encounter doing so. Also in the [Resources][How To] there is a [How to install a DSD kit] (https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-install-a-dsd-kit/) entry with videos.


I can’t believe I fell for a smokin deal at VH Audio on Synergaroonie Blue fuses and yup, I bought some and yup, it sounds better than the cheapo glass fuse that came in my amp. No way I can work out an explanation for why fuses have a sound but there it is…sounds better to me.


I’ve only just jumped on this fuse bandwagon, and bought six SR Blue fuses for my PS Audio kit. I replaced the P10 and BHK300 power fuses last night and was happy as a pig in mud! I replaced the fuse in my Directstream DAC fuse tonight and was blown away that a fuse could make that much difference to a DAC. Everything is more “real” than before, and before was already pretty damn good. There is another level of clarity, focus, body and resolution. I can hear Melody Gardot’s lips open. The decay on acoustic instruments lingers. I am convinced that my USD$900 investment in six fuses was well spent! It’s going to hurt the hip pocket to replace the rail fuses in both BHK300 amps (8!!) plus the one in my BHK preamp. Might have to wait a little bit for that plunge. My speakers are Amphion Krypton3’s which are highly revealing.


They do sound better, truly. But they do not have the inrush capacity of a standard fuse, so be meticulous about powering up the components, plugging in power cords, etc. It’s too easy to pop one when powering up, which is an expensive mistake.


Went to:

to read about Audio Magic Beeswax fuses… the essential claim is that they stop the fuse element from vibrating and have additional ingredients that decease RFI/EMI.

But I’m recommending the visit to read the 6 user reviews… I’m still chuckling, made my morning!


Haha, yes, I read them. Trolls! It’s easy to denigrate on such open formats. I can’t speak for the Beeswax fuses, but the SR Blue fuses made a very significant difference to my kit, with my ears (which aren’t full of wax).


I’ve been very cautious- slow to turn on each device, waiting in between. Too expensive to blow these fuses!!


I haven’t yet used any aftermarket fuses on the PS Audio gear. I have been using Furutech and then Audio Magic fuses in my Decware components, with happy results. Over the last six years or so I’ve not had a single fuse failure.


I have inserted SR Blue in DMP/DACSR/BHK Pre and 300’s. Better SQ in every change, especially the
DMP and DAC. Haven’t done the amp rails yet, like you. Pleased with the upgrade and that my results mirrored yours.


If you have the Directstream DAC, try the SR Blue fuse in it - the difference is not subtle!


I might one of these days. I don’t want to take mine our of the rack for even a minute, and I don’t want to hassle with figuring out how to open it. I probably wouldn’t go with an SR fuse as I’ve had really good experience elsewhere with Furutech and Audio Magic.


On my BHK 250 I used the SR Black on the power inputs and HiFi Tuning Supreme (black) on the rails, and, boy, did it sound better! (The SR Black were on sale about 2 weeks before the Blue came out, so I just ran with the Black. And they’re fine.)

Paul said he was going to try better fuses on the rails,d but I don’t know if he did in between the move across the street. To me, the fuses made a big difference, enough to think I didn’t have to buy the 300’s.



You know, we actually brought in a bunch of SR Black fuses a while back! Some for the DSD and DMP and for a pair of BHK monos.

I don’t think we ever got around to trying them out in the Music Room… I wonder where those fuses went? I haven’t seen them since the move… Maybe it’s time to hunt them down now that the Music Room is back up and running.


Seriously, get a set for the rails, too. Remember, the rail fuses are fast-blow (thin wire), so they may block flow a bit. Made a helluva difference in the BHK250 when I tried it.

But let me know if I’m wrong . . . .]