Fuse sound quality

For anyone using aftermarket fuse in DAC Senior, which one should I replace? I think this question was answered somewhere in the Forum previously, but I could not find it. I remembered someone mentioned that the two fuse holders are labeled analog and digital. Thanks for the advice.

Digital. Analog is a spare and can be removed.

So the fuse holder is labeled Digital for easy identification? Thanks.

Yes, both digital and analog are clearly labeled.

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I just hopped on the fuse train and purchased 3 “little fuses” for my McIntosh CD player and was stunned. So 2 weeks later, I got one for my P10.
EVERYTHING you just explained I also heard. And my fuses aren’t even audiophile grade. I did a video on my YouTube channel “vpconcepts”.
I’m glad guys like you are keeping this hobby alive!

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@vpconcepts what brand fuses did you use?

Hi Paul, from another Paul…Who buys PS Audio stuff from Paul…now that’s funny :joy:

It says NTE “littleFuse” part 215 and then bussmann No s505

I put one in my P10 last night and Holy Smokes!

I should have given the part # in my YouTube video. Next time :joy::ok_hand::musical_score::sparkles:

Rail fuses are fast blow so the wires by necessity are thin.


After I traded-out my speaker and interconnect wires I thought I was done with that segment of the sound-chain!
However, I kept reading about ‘Power Cords’ and what an improvement they will make to your sound system.
What?.. Power cords make it sound better???
I am not sure I can wrap my mind around that comment!

At the RMAF last year, I was in the Nordost room listening to their latest creation and how much better it sounds. (Yeah, big bucks for sure)
Anyway, the chief leading the conversation/demonstration suggested that they also have an improved power cord-want to have a listen and see if one can hear any improvements?
Well its their ‘dime’ so why not give it a spin?

I suggested Spanish Harlem by Patricia Barber. Clean and clear female voice well recorded by Cheskey Records on their Demo Disc.
First there was their regular PC then he switched to their new PC.

OMG, what a night and day difference. We did the test twice to make sure I was not missing something!
Well I was not, the difference was “Unbelievable”. The background noise floor disappeared. The music went to a much-higher level.
I came away ‘Hooked and a believer’ PC’s do make a substantial improvement.

Now I do not have the coin for Nordost’s very expensive PC but I did the next best thing and purchased a Furutech PC in my budget.
Absolutely incredible…
The improvement is so well worth the money and as an added bonus 'your ears will thank you for it too…

So by now you have to be wondering why am I going on about Power Cables and not about “fuses” especially as this thread is about fuses, right?

Well coming full circle, its my way of sharing with you that I was a big sceptic when it came to fuses.

But again I thought that if PC’s make a difference then perhaps Fuses might do the same, right?
Again reading all that I could about the sonic improvements that certain fuses can make I zeroes in on the Synergistic Research “Blue” fuse.
Now I own the PSA BHK Preamp and its the only fuse in my system so its a no brainer. One fuse and I am done!

Well almost immediately from the moment I switched to the Blue Fuse there was a ‘night & Day’ improvement. It was not subtle. Again it blew me away at how much better sounding my system sounded then with the stock fuse, which by the way does not sound bad.
However the Blue Fuse blows it out of the water…
I am so very glad I stepped-up and pulled the trigger.
I have absolutely no regrets and it was money very well spent.

All I can say is if you have not done so, then please try it!!
For me it was the best $150 bang for the buck I got with my sound.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share my findings about both the fuses and the PC and how much better my rig is with both units installed.

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@sandrock - Yes, all my system power cords are Shunyata Research (14) and SR BLUE Fuses (20) and I can say it makes a huge difference. Power is the origin for all signals…

Hey Schroedster,

Did you ever try those specialty fuses?

At $150.00 each for the Synergistic Research “Blue” fuse I’m not sure I want to spend that much to replace the fusses in my BHK 300 mono’s and BHK Pre.

Is there a cheaper alternative? Or maybe I’ll just start with replacing the fuse in my BHK Pre with a Synergistic Research “Blue” fuse.

I use both Synergistic Blue in my DSD and HiFi Tuning Supreme in my other PS Audio gear. The Supreme’s are worthwhile at a fraction of the price

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Thanks watchdog…I’ll look into them.

AMR Gold Hifi are another less expensive alternative that I’ve used and realized a benefit over stock, though I feel the Beeswax and SR Black are better - in the realm of diminishing returns for me though. I didn’t pay retail for any of them.

I have Hifi Tunings also in my Gamut amps and they sound great. But i saw message somewhere about Ps Audio gear fuses looked like Hifi Tuning fuses…so better to check if that´s correct before ordering more same kind of fuses. Can anyone verify stock fuses label ?

I changed to the blue fuse on the BHK and mains (not rails ) on the 300’s with
good results. The theory is that the rails on the 300’s are not as critical due
to they are not in the signal path but I could be wrong.

Just wondering if anyone on this thread has tried “no fuse” as an experiment? That is, substituting a solid copper rod for the fuse. I have a dim recollection that “back in the day” this was a “thing” for owners of Tympani speakers.

There are forum members who have replaced all of the rail fuses. 8 fuses for the rails if you have BHK Mono’ s. They swear by the change.