I recently gutted a PS Audio power extension box so I could use it as extension to the P10. And although the extension was basically power filter with relay switches, it had a fuse in it – as did the Exact Power balanced transformer that I gutted (discussed elsewhere).

The question is: is there really any harm in bypassing fuses in these types of products since every and any thing plugged into them are also fused? Note that I make an exception for the P10/P5/P3 since they are fairly complex devices.

I ask the question because in the case of the Exact Power device (basically a balanced transformer in a box), the fuse orientation (an SR20) had such a profound effect on the sound of the power amps (also fused) plugged into them, that I decided bypass the fuses altogether – I am very glad I did!!

If you bypass the fuse you risk killing the inside components should something happen like a transformer going south. It’s rare - extremely rae - and if I were a betting man, I’d risk it - but do be advised there is a risk and a safety hazard.