Gated reverb makes a come back

I’m 51 and thus the 80s shaped my listening ear extensively, some for the good some for the not so good.


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Thanks for posting that! I was definitely aware of the “sound” but had no idea how it was produced. Now I know!

Yes, great fun and a wonderful story.

The book she recommends at the end, Listen to This by Alex Ross, is indeed superb. Even better is his T_he Rest is Noise_.

Seems appropriate to listen to the audiobook :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video!

Search Tidal or other music sources for Gated Reverb Hits by Ben Businovski - August 2017. Many of the songs remind me of 80s hits by Phil Collins and others but I believe are all original.

Good listening to all this Good Friday,