GCHA - go or no go?


I found a GCHA listed for $300 USD locally. Worth it at this price? It far exceeds anything that I now have for headphones (er, nothing) so a simple yes or no will do.65_gif



I would say yes, it was always a great piece.


Yes, it seemed like a reasonable price and I know of it’s quality. I think that I will pick it up!


Yes, have had one for many years. Lets my Senn 800s sing cool


So, I bought it… from Guitar Center of all places. I’ve put it to work in my little studio and now I can actually hear what I am doing. The first thing that I noticed was how bad my reverbs actually sound! giggle_gif



Well, at least it’s just your reverb that sounds bad. Looks like a nice addition to your setup.


Yeah, you know it’s the EQUIPMENT, not my playing…24_gif


Exactly what I was thinking. But then I’ve never heard you play.


I only wish it was my instruments holding me back.