GCHA issue


Hello, I own a PS Audio GCHA, 220V version and I encountered an weird situation. Yesterday we had an electrical problem in our neighborhood, the electrical maintenance was there and I think it was a serious voltage drop (I did not know that at the moment) . I was listening music with my earphones when I heard some fast relay noises inside GCHA and the sound stopped, the blue led was still on. I have “shutted” the system off from volume knob, not the main power on the back of GCHA, restarted it and everything was fine. I encountered this situation two more times and after that everything was ok. Is there a problem with low voltage applied to GCHA ? It damaged anything or can it damage something inside GCHA ? The relay is some sort of protection, or GCHA have some LOW/HIGH voltage protection, or I was lucky not to damage the equipment ?

Thank You.


Low voltage like that drops the unit’s electronics below the regulator’s working point and the relays etc. get all weird but, fortunately, nothing will be damaged. You should be fine.