GDC & M700 synergy?

Briefly I’d like advice about the best use of my limited upgrade resources. I am slowly upgrading an old system an torn between purchasing the Stellar GDC and a pair of M700s or keeping my old Classe 6/DR-8 set up and spending the money on a Direct Stream Jr with the bridge. I currently using a Yamaha network player with a NAD 1050 (synology NAS) running as my primary digital source. I know this is an odd question because its a bit apples-to-oranges but the increasing blurring be roles of separates has me somewhat stumped.
Other relevant info: Speaker: Vandersteen 3’s and I would grab a Sonore micro Rendu to use with the Stellar and obviously use the Bridge in the DS jr.
Thanks in advance

What power supply do you plan on using with the microrendu? The $50 iFI will function but is not ideal.

Personally if I had but one piece to buy and had your current stable of equipment, I’d upgrade the DAC and get the DS Jr. I believe you’d get more bang for your upgrade there. The Classe amp, even an old one, ain’t so bad. But moving from a old yamaha DAC to the Junior would be a big step forward IMHO. Plus the Junior only keeps getting better with each new Ted Smith release - it’s always fresh.

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I would lean with RayK

By the time you buy an microrendu, linear power supply and good USB cable you will be getting closer to the DSJr + bridge.

Then as $ permits add M700 down the line maybe?

Thanks for the feedback. I’d probably just go with the cheap power supply on the micro rendu. I am wondering if the synergy between the GDC and the M700s overcomes the benefits of the DS jr but I live in the middle of nowhere and can not easily audition any of this equipment

I agree with RayK and cxp. In many ways I feel the DAC is the heart of the sound of the system. Then speakers then amp. Just my .02.

As far as player, just play from your NAS if you can install Minimserver. Nothing fancy but works just fine and I think probably affects the SQ less than the rest of the chain. Not that it’s unimportant but I’d get everything else dialed-in before that.


I have the NAS in the basement and will likely to a ROON based system with a dedicated server so I still need a way to “capture” the server data. I have a Yamaha CD/network player that I bought to experiment with network based digital that I have linked to the NAD Dac. Now that I’ve decided to follow the path I’m trying to figure out the optimal configuration with the optimal equipement. The consensus here seems to be go with the DS jr.

Maybe I can figure out a trade/package deal that can include the m700s :blush:

I concur with keeping the Classe pre and amp, I miss my DR6, still have a CA400 in mothballs.
Not to derail your desire for a Junior, but I would push for a DS Sr with bridge if possible.
I have seen them gently used at asking prices in the low $4Ks.
What ever route you take, try the DAC direct into you amp, you might prefer it.