Ge eral accessibility issues


I am a happy owner of a P15 for some months. Because I am blind I was setting up the device with sighted help, but generaly it would be great to do it by myself.

theree are some issues I’ve found and I wonder if they can be fixed:

  • When opening the webinterface with Safari on the Mac I do not see the switches for the zones. This is not the case, when using Google Crome. But when using Crome the different zones have no lable that tells my screen reading software which switch is for which zone. I think this could be fixed easily when labeling the graphics with an alternative tag…

  • There are some functions of the device available only via the touch screen, e.g. the auto tuning or the mtr feature. Or maybe I miss them in the webinterface, because they are not accessible. Can this missing features also be available via the webinterface please, so I can also use them?

It would be really great, if accessibility could be improved, especialy for the webinterface of the P15 and P20 products!

Cheers and thanks!


Excellent suggestions, schoeppi

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I can help with accessibility e.g. for the manual or if something can be tested for the weebinterface, just let me know…

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