GigaFOIL Ethernet Filter Has Launched


My impressions with only an afternoon - will follow up in a few weeks…
The upper frequencies are very clear, like I removed a mask; horns sound very clear and scary real. A much more realistic and lively sound and female vocals are expressive. I started playing a lot of Cindy Bradley and Kenny G to see if I could hear a difference and it there. For me, I’m chasing an analog sound that my Trans Audio Oracle TT once gave me. That system had Threshold electronics and KEF reference full range speakers. This system is the closest I have gotten to that sound, per se. However, this system completely blows away my KEF/Threshold/TT system. Not even in the same zip code. I love the combination of Sonus Faber mains and REL subs. The cool part is that Ted is a genius (DS DAC). I put on my DS DMP, then A/B it with a Nucleus+ SSD file and I like the Nucleus+ better and this time without the Convolution Filter. Then I put on 101 Jazz internet radio and it is like “are you kidding me, it’s an MP3 station”. Then I switch to JB Radio 2 (16/192) and the clarity, soundstage, just amazing. Then I start streaming TIDAL through Roon OS for Roon Nucleus+ hardware and it is just amazing. I will try Qobuz; however, it will take a lot to beat what I hear now. That will be a really cool battle-off when it goes mainstream. Not interested in beta testing to find out the library will not be fully realized till they go main stream.

Full disclosure: I don’t care what you buy, not an empathetic person. Not a shill for DJM Electronics; could care less. I am chasing a certain sound and what I hear is just amazing. I set aside $25K for a Basis TT and was going to pull the trigger last fall. Asked Paul about his feelings on TT and he indicated… not the path he pursued; however, do what makes you happy. Then I got the Roon Nucleus+ and it was all over; however, still chasing the sound till right now. Understand, I’m an audiophile whore and will keep chasing till I have a closet full of electronics; just as badbeef mentioned. There are (2) decisions that changed my thoughts on streaming: Nucleus+ & Giga FOIL filter. Next is the dual BHK300s this summer for my 60th bday. Then the PF 2.16 the following year to capture the HPQe player and I2S into the DS DAC.

So, I ordered an Sbooster 5V LPS and AQVOX CAT7 cable that are still not delivered. In addition I will be adding an Shunyatta Research Anaconda CX (1.8m/20A) next week. Chasing the idea… :slight_smile:

Also, I removed my amplifier feet to add Isoacoustic Bordeaux pucks so I will take another week or two then let you know what I think.

Forgot: when I first fired it up I was annoyed because I heard some faint background sound in the recording. I stepped back and had to regroup. I then started chasing albums I used as reference.

I am not a musician so I find it hard to articulate octave information. I wish I had that talent, I don’t so I apologize for a more critic way of expressing my SQ pleasure or displeasure.

In a sentence, the DMP stared to become a novelty when I got the Nucleus+; now it will surely be a novelty. Bonus, my Oppo rips SACDs so what is the point. Hind sight is 20/20.


Thank you, very much.

Looking forward to further impressions…



Jeff - you know me, I have (3) separate Sboosters hooked to my P20 for Nucleus+, AQVOX, and will hook to Giga FOIL filter. In addition I have my router hooked to an Sbooster that is hooked to EVO filtered strip in the great room. Power and interconnects are vital. I will give you an update when I replace my 50cm CAT7 home made (Telegartner J45 connectors) cable w/ AQVOX 25cm cable. Then there is a Giga FOIL LPS vs. the AQVOX LPS. Love this stuff, whoring the tronics…

Oh, just got the spousal lecture (love my sweetie, she is a saint) on excess. Good news is that this sport is fractions spent on my car addiction… so I will be low crawling for a bit… upgrading the BHK250 to dual BHK300s this summer will require monetary discipline till June… I love being immature and having that childlike conversation… yes sweetie, I’m sorry, I won’t buy anything for a while… I know, I’m just like a boy… :woman:

I am fighting growing up like Peter Pan.


I was very close to going the approach you took, till I heard what DJM Electronics was coming out on the V4. I was researching custom PS for the fiber translators… Understand, I had the AQVOX-SE; however, no optical isolation. I figured Giga FOIL optical isolation, filter in one component without the PS mods and fiber translators, and fiber. A very clean solution. If I wanted to go the V4 route adding a nice clean Sbooster LPS that is much better than the Giga FOIL filter LPS would be easy to implement. However, if I had optical isolation already, that would be a difficult choice going to V4. I can see why you need a lot of SQ feedback that is very specific. Having what you have would be a tough call.


@cardri Did you buy the Sboosters direct or from a dealer?


I bought them from HIFI Heaven. I had an issue with an Ultra not working with my Nucleus+ They gave me credit. Sbooster stock to HIFI Heaven will not happen for 5V till APR. I like to buy from Dealer if the company is not USA. Same as if I lived in Europe. I figure everything I buy will have drama… the way I look at it…


Thanks. Not sure if I am going into those waters yet but I don’t like to buy directly from an overseas supplier either for the same reasons.


All good… I’m just having fun and like you said; a lot cheaper than your car hobby and for me cheaper than therapy.


Yes. And then there that. Sometimes intelligence is a burden.


You crack me up! I am so fortunate to be as stupid as I am… My bar is at my ankles… ignorance is bliss in my case…


weird, I just bought a used Shunyata Alpha HC 20A today…I seem to be chasing too!


Yeah, I wanted to go a monster 6ga for the PSA P20 and PSA AC12 for everything else. If I was to do it over I might have went SR throughout; however, PSA makes good power cables. I’m also waiting for my electrician friend to run the single 20A circuit with 10/2 romex cable I bought. In addition, adding SR BLUE duplex I bought. What’s the point of going monster 6ga power cable if you are running 15A 14/2 with multiple drops 100ft away. I’ll lower the panel to plug resistance by at least 5 milli ohms going to 10/2 single run romex. That will help filling the P20 energy tank.

I just went to multi versus sine on the P20 and that seems to help. Using 5 as the strength.


I just got the dedicated lines, I am honestly contemplating sending my Pass amp in to get it checked, even the low level hum is bothering the living daylights ($hit) out of me. I need to call them and see what they can do, hoping they have a local place they will let me take it to before sending back to the factory, that’s 140lbs of pain…

Anyhow, didn’t want to go way off track in this thread. I just find it amusing that we are running fairly parallel efforts!


Yeah, being obsessive, any tiny little hum, even if I can’t hear it from the chair would drive me to react. I would follow up and have an expert check it out.

Yeah, got to get back on topic… I think I saw Elk down the hall with a ruler tapping it…


Yup, my problem is that I can hear it from my chair (but you are so right, even a sound I cant hear from my chair drives me crazy!)

Too, right, sorry Elk!


I dipped a toe into the add on widget waters by installing the GigaFOIL to the inlet of my DSJr. and dammit the system sounds better. Definitely blacker in the quiet places and more musical everywhere else. I was kinda hoping there wouldn’t be any noticeable difference but I was woefully wrong. Dammit. I’m in uncharted waters now. :exploding_head:


All good… there are so many different approaches to this stuff and I sounded like a shill for Giga FOIL. I just got very excited to hear the difference. It is the same concept as wire to fiber to wire… great optical isolation. Also, the +5V jack will support an amazing LPS if you want or use their LPS

I’m listening to Qobuz (started trial today) and not feeling the amazing yet… still have a lot of meat on the bone for the next month.

How long is your cable to the DSJ?


It is a 1 foot long CAT5 Amazon special. No fancy cables here (yet). I may add an LPS but I’m not sure what that is supposed to fix. I have a separate power strip that has all of the other bricks plugged into. The brick for the Giga is plugged into my Dectet along with the DSJr, BHK pre, M700’s. Thinking about buying a P12 later in the spring. I am just about out of room for new boxes. I was really amazed to be able to hear a difference. The isolation must be fixing noise on the network that I did not know was even an issue. I learn something here every day.
I was a little disappointed to see it was assembled in Mexico. It seems like for almost $600.00 they could have assembled it in the USA.


Yeah; good distance. Designed in SD and assembled in Mexico… Systems are always a work in progress. My SR Anaconda CX (1.8m/20A) monster (6ga) comes tomorrow. Ron says his bass got better, hope I hear the difference. This stuff is just never ending… :slight_smile: and I like it…


If it doesn’t help the music you could always use it for jumper cables :grinning: