GigaFOIL Ethernet Filter Has Launched


What I hear after a few days is how lively, realistic, and quieter it sounds. Anything I put on. I am streaming an MP3 station Brett just sent me and it is amazing. Just add it as internet station. Once you get that loaded I have a few more.



I got the GigaFOIL also and it improves SQ more that I expected!


That is terrible news for me.



The GigaFOIL company DMJ does give you 30 days to try it out. Steve McNally is the person that I dealt with.


Unfortunately I needed less than one day. 5 minutes actually. :sunglasses:


You have my sympathy and, with a few more positive posts, probably my empathy as well.



Me too! Next up sbooster (5v) w/ ultra mkii!


I have mine ordered and will have to wait till APR. I have (3) of their MKII LPS(s) and love them. Let me know what you think when you swap out the DJM LPS… Also, you might want to look at the Ultra MKII for the Sbooster MKII LPS. The Sbooster MKII 5v is 3A (Giga FOIL spec is 1A) so the Ultra (active filter) MKII will be OK. Adding it on the Nucleus+ did not work because it is 800mA of active use. So, if the Sbooster has the headroom (watts), using the Ultra should be OK. I would shoot an email to Sbooster on adding the Ultra MKII to anything. Also, the Ultra mki does not work on the Sbooster mkii, be careful.


Thanks for the info.


I work with data center networks and somewhat struggle with the concept that this could make an audible difference. However, I’m not a typical engineer, I trust my ears. :grinning: Think I’m going to have try one.


I hear you @knecht.

I like to think on this more in terms of what kind and amount of noise might arrive along with the bits and enter the “clockworks” of the Bridge and/or DAC and color or mask the sound; as opposed to any superior method of delivering the bits themselves.




Haha! Good one, Scott! It’s defintley interesting and will try it. I wish it looked a little higher end, although I guess that doesn’t matter as long as it works. Are they back ordered until April?


Very wise approach!


@cardri I just switched the GigaFOIL power supply to one of the $49 dollar IFI linear power supplies and I think its better FYI. I then swapped out the Netgear PS for one of the IFI ones and its definately not worse. Might make things better for your setup until you get the Sbooster version(s) you have on order? I wasnt quite ready to drop the big money on a LPS yet.


Yeah, that LPS Giga had was suspect… thanks and will now look forward to plugging in the Sbooster LPS. Thanks for the feedback. I have the electrician coming in this week for the single 20A circuit to panel using 10/2 romex… trying to pace myself… :slight_smile:


Well if you were here I could send you outside to shovel some snow to mellow you out while you wait. :grinning:


All good… my wife use to shovel the 200ft driveway when it snowed… now that girl needed a pole in her transfer function…:slight_smile:


@Baldy & @JeffofArabica - just received my 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable. It fits perfect; like I planned it that way… :slight_smile: The next step is adding the Sbooster MKII 5V LPS w/ MKII Ultra. That won’t happen till APR… :frowning:


Gotta love it when a plan comes together!