Going Price (Range) for Network Bridge?

Guys…I bought my mkII, with Network Bridge; and definitely wanted to give it a try…against my SBT, and CA CAPS server that I had just built. I relegated the SBT to the Office system, and I’m thinking of just going with the CAPS server instead of Network Bridge.

Not so much a sound thing…the A/B(/C) got a little tedious; and there are so many permutations (Bridge with eMM, Bridge with JRiver…and all the little settings and tweaks within each). I just kind of want to “pick one”…and extract the best I can from that, and call it plenty good enough. I spent the money on the CAPS build; and while it could be sold, I suspect I’ll get a much better return moving the Network Bridge.

Sure…the convenience of all-in-one, Network Bridge with PWD is attractive; but I don’t find the CAPS build intrusive. So…what’s the going rate, as a range…for the Bridge anyway? And while I’m on the subject; the guy who sold me his upgraded mkII…included the mkI board. Does that have any value, for anyone? (IDK…to repair a non-working unit, or something?)

Also…you can always take this opportunity, to try talk me out of dumping the Bridge…lol. I know this whole VSC thing, has been long-awaited…and looks to be exciting. But as I said…I’m tired of this constant “holding pattern”; so unless you can explain to me…why I’ll be really sorry, if I cut her loose…

I’ve always wondered if it’s worth it to inquire about sending the MKI board back to PS Audio to recycle or reuse any of it. Not sure but it’s just sitting around doing nothing and I’m certainly not going back to MKI. :wink:

Let me know if you are dumping the Bridge. I may be interested as I’ve been looking at a SotM or CAPS server but can probably just do with a small HTPC running a music network streamer on it also.

I have a PWD with bridge also and I’m thinking to take the bridge.

There wasn’t a program yet that satisfied me, they all stuttered, froze or lost the bridge.

I’m back to cd’s and am looking to get a Sonos again or an Olive HD04.

Bridges sell brand new on eBay for $499…