Gold Lion ECC82/B749 (12AU7) Tubes

SOLD Hi - I have 2 matched sets (or two tubes each set) of Gold Lion 12AU7 tubes available. I bought these to use in a Primaluna HP Integrated (which I have since traded in for my BHK preamp). They were installed in the Primaluna but saw almost no use.

I bought them from Upscale Audio just a few months ago. The link to the tube on the Upscale website is here:

These are the platinum grade but were not cryogenically treated. They cost me $49.95 each, but I will sell them (in pairs or as a single quad) for $35 each ($70 per pair). I’ll ship them free of charge in the continental US. Paypal is ok with no upcharge.

I actually have a third pair that I am keeping for my BHK preamp, and I prefer them to the Tungram ECC88 - plus they are quieter than my Tungsrams). They are in my BHK Pre now and I love them. YMMV of course.