Good with powered speakers?



I’m intrigued by the sprout but not sure whether it’s a good fit. I have a turntable connected through a small phono preamp going directly to two emotiva airmotiv 4 speakers (powered speakers) via rca cables (they also accept balanced xlr cables). I like the idea of integrating that setup with my TV/Blu-Ray as well as Bluetooth sources like the iPhone as well as opening the door to a high-quality headphone setup.

My my main question is whether the analog output at 3.5mm is appropriate for the emotiva powered speakers (with an adapter to rca? xlr?). It would still be stereo sound, right? Also, would this preclude me from ever adding a subwoofer to the system since I wouldn’t be using the “regular” speaker outputs for my speakers?

thanks in advance for any input,



I am not sure about the answer to the subwoofer issue, but for connection to your speakers a 3.5 to RCA stereo cable would work just fine. Possible sources for good quality / moderately priced cables are Signal Cable and BTG Audio . Both do good work. The cable that you would need would be a custom cable with a short lead at the 3.5 plug end and long legs to the RCA connectors. Signal Cable may do this for you, and I know that BTG does custom work. For BTG, just find his contact link and send him a specific request with connectors and cable lengths desired.



It would be perfect. One of our sales folks does exactly that and it’s great!


For the subwoofer you might be able to use either a splitter on the 3.5mm jack or, if the sub has speaker inputs, the speaker terminals on the Sprout.


Thanks for the info, all!