Great New PS Audio/Ted/DS/Windom Ad in the November 2019 Stereophile

This new full-page ad (at page 43) is great! PS Audio, Ted, the DS and Windom keep it REAL!


Does that imply that I’m a mountain?


You are a Software Rock Star!

R. Hutchins


You have too much time on your hands.


Ha! Don’t I wish!

Take phone pic of page 43 of the new Stereophile ~ 10 seconds.

Upload ad pic to forum ~ 20 seconds.

Use same phone pic to make a Mt. Rushmore/Ted mash-up pic using this free website ~ 60 seconds.

Upload Mt. Rushmore/Ted mash-up pic to forum ~ 20 seconds.

Total time investment: @ two minutes.


I think we should take a poll:

bootzilla has too much time on his hands __

bootzilla does not have too much time on his hands __

Ha! :slight_smile:

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POLL (posted while watching Presidential debate and listening to Keith Jarrett):

Does Bootzilla have too much free time on his hands?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know
  • Who is Bootzilla?

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POLL: Which forum member had the time to write this system description in his forum profile?

Current key kit (digital stereo signal path): Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 speakers; SVS PB 12 Plus/2 Ultra subwoofer; Emotiva XPA-1 (MK I) monoblock amplifiers; Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference SA amplifier (to drive the second set of voice coils in the Ref. 3.1 woofers); Anthem AVM 50v 2 preamplifier/processor (with Anthem Room Correction software); PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC with Bridge II Ethernet card; Pink Faun LAN Isolator; TP Link gigabit Ethernet Switch; TP Link Media Converters; AT&T modem/router; iMac desktop computer. The iMac (along with compatible portable devices) allows me to stream ripped and downloaded files stored on it via JRiver Media Center; and my Roon Core 1.6 software subscription, with Tidal and Qobuz subscription integration, allows me to stream music from these services’ databases. Cables are of various and sundry brands, including WireWorld ethernet cables, Anti-Cables speaker wires, Better Cables XLR cables, and three PS Audio AC-5 power cables. I also spin some discs to feed the DS DAC from time to time with a DENON DVD-2900 “universal player”. Power “conditioning” is via Monster Power Signature Series AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer and HTPS 7000 conditioner, an ADCOM ACE-515 power conditioner, as well as a scattering of PS Audio Noise Harvesters and AudioPrism “quiet line” power filters (MK III).

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At first, I didn’t notice the T :grinning:

POLL: Which creepy stalker movie does Bootzilla’s snooping on @scotte1’s profile remind you of… :wink:

  • Cape Fear
  • Pacific Heights
  • The Fan

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i almost expected the caption to read:

" If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain"


Great ad. Spot on information.

You also look great!

Great ad

Only the snow covered peak mountaintops with your beard.
How come they cropped out your feet?

Not quite enough respect to do justice for the beard and sandal genius programmer!

Great ad once more!

We have yet to account for how much time Bootz spent reading Stereophile. And what is this Stereophile?