Grounding issue

Yeah, there are maybe a flaw or 2 with the subject matter theory…

but, since we are already live/function through electrical charges…article has potential positives…

  1. Secondary article, overview of the topic.

  2. Primary, peer reviewed, research on changes in biomarkers after grounding (at least look at the graphs).

  3. Primary, literature review of the current (no pun intended) research on the topic.

  4. Small case study on the significant effects grounding had on hypertension

i googled the subject - lots of links…

But, it could be mostly easy to implement if this theory has merit…(though not easy to articulate for me)

Well, at least, I’m grounded emotionally…


Well it gives one inner peace to be grounded working on ones ESD Sensitive electronics.

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Where do I find conductive sheets and footwear?
Link link link please.
This could be better than fuses!

Kewl! Amazon has a bunch to choose from! I’m on this!


A static dissipative Lab coat and gloves say. This man means business!

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I believe you need to wet your rod every day or so keep it well grounded. :disguised_face: :zap: :zap: :zap:


do you have any links?

he seems to going in the opposite direction with the electron flow… :sunglasses:

Na. Fill the search box on the Amazon website and you’ll find plenty to click on.

thank you…that was too easy…got it!

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