GSD remote

Stellar GSD info says it has a remote. I cannot find any picture or functions of this remote. I looked at the manual for the GSD and found nothing on the remote. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

I also never found instructions for the GSD remote. I wound up using the silver PS Audio universal remote I received with my PerfectWave Transport purchased with the GSD. The remote in the PWT manual did not match the universal remote - so no universal remote instructions either. However, the two units’ manuals spell out all of their functions. You can tie the function names in the manual to the button names on the remote.

Here’s a picture of the remote. It can essentially control everything without having to press the little function button next to the display.

I wish it had a button by which one could expand the size of the display of the audio codec and sample rate that is playing. The display does show you that, but the size is too small to see from across the room.