Gym audio setup advice

im new here and not really any expert on he topic so i am looking for advice on gym audio setup.
the gym is a 10k sqft warehouse with 8m tall ceiling. part of the gym walls will be covered with brick walls, rubber lineal and mats as floors, plenty of kit. part of the gym will be the studio which will be separated from the gym by mezzanine floor that from underneath will be having a wall/door and top of mezzanine will be opened. i am not planning to blast the music in the gym or studio but two have to be separated and minimally interfere with each other. my idea was to use pendant speakers like JBL Control 67P/T Suspended Pendant and drop them to about mezzanine level, or slightly higher. thinking behind this is to direct sound to the rubber floor so it wont bounce of the walls or be carried over the mezzanine.
, gym space will be open space of 5k sqft i was thinking 4 pendant speakers, and same amp should power up 4 ceiling speakers for changing rooms. and for studio an amp to power two speakers and wireless mic. can somebody advice me what sort of kit would i need?

thanks joe

Not sure what you are asking here. Are you looking for suggestions on just amplification or more? By more I mean source, distribution and other speakers. This is kind of a pro audio scenario and you might do well with a modular type amplifier (check out PartsExpress). It will be very, very “live” in all the areas, it sounds like. Equalization may be a good idea to help with problem frequencies. It’s a tough environment to get good sounding results in is my guess and I wouldn’t go too over-the-top with $ trying to get there. Of course, maybe you’re one of us audiophile sicko’s…:face_with_head_bandage: