Has anyone been able to play 24/192 into the PWDAC MKII over the spdif input?


I have tried everything no luck


Yes, I trialled a bryston BDP-2 using its BNC output into the PWD coax input. It played all resolutions fine. What is your setup?


Is it not playing anything (silence) or do you have a specific problem with playback? Are all formats for 24/192 affected, wav, flac, etc.?

In the past when I had playback problems I did a re-encode of a 24/192 PCM flac file into another slightly different flac format, and then it played perfectly.


To be honest I was curious because another manufacturer said it could not be doneā€¦, I myself am unable to play them over the bridge, they keep starting and stopping. I decided to post under the PW DAC discussions to see if there is any help there. I am using a bridge and an AVA RS3 media server for the files, have not had problems playing these high res files at 24/96 but have never been able to play them at 24/192 over the PWDAC Mk.I, Mk.II with many a firmware, not sure what the problem is. I bought a solid state drive to see if that would help but was surprised to see that there is no easy way to connect it, so may try and put it in the server, not sure.


S/PDIF supports up to 20bit as standard but may support 24bit if interconnected equipment support it.

S/PDIF also supports 192kHz, but Toslink is limited to 96kHz.