Having trouble setting up nuwave phono converter

I have some sorbothane footers that I put under the turntable. They are about 1" thick. Even with them in place the vibration comes through. It is at a lower level, but it’s still there. Maybe I can replace the harddrive with an SSD.

Even if you do manage to replace the hard drive in your DVR with an SSD, it may not be a good idea. The DVR is constantly recording and this would beat the SSD into submission quickly. SSDs have a limited number of write cycles, where a hard drive has essentially unlimited write capacity. This is an interesting idea that is not yet practical. Hopefully some time in the near future SSD write capacity will increase substantially.

While it may not be easy, to me it looks like the best solution for your problem is to place the DVR on a separate rack. Total mechanical isolation is hard to beat for controlling mechanical energy transfer.


Sorry, I should have included the winky icon :wink: to indicate I was kidding. I’m not obsessive to the point where I would try to replace a drive like that, not to mention that the cable company probably wouldn’t like me messing with their hardware. Lol.

Maybe put the turntable on its own shelf mounted to the wall. That was recommended by the guy who set up my turntable (I didn’t do it because it seemed overkill at the time but nothing on my rack has moving parts).

One word: macrame!