HDMI problem

I answered my own question here: I no longer have a working output for HDMI on the PMD. Darn. I’ll have to get an RMA and send it back. Sigh. I’ve already fallen in love with it. :wink:

From our director of engineering:

"I have found from hard experience that a problem with an HDMI cable is like a virus spread by contact. In other words, if a connector is contaminated, it spreads to anything you plug it into. Also, if one is broken, it breaks whatever you plug it into. Recommendations:

1) Careful visual inspection of each of the connector interfaces on both the cables and the instruments

2) Of course, I expect he has already tried to put in the old cable

3) Invest in an HDMI cleaning kit."

Thanks for forwarding that info Paul, it’s interesting, I didn’t know some of that.

BUT the good news is I jumped the gun without doing all due diligence troubleshooting. An email from Kevin (who is a great new asset for PS Audio I gotta tell ya!, a really helpful and nice person to represent you) though offering a different suggestion got me thinking and I realized I forgot that there were THREE HDMI connections on the back of the DMP, not one, and I was trying to play back two channels from the wrong HDMI connection and that was the reason I had no output.

So all is well. I’m relieved and enjoying the heck out of the PMD once more. Thanks to all for the help.

An easy error to make. I am glad it was easy to resolve.

Thanks Elk that is helping me to feel a tiny bit less idiotic. Won’t make THAT mistake again!

When I first got my DMP, I realized that there were 3 HDMI connectors on the back. I thought that I had plugged the cable into the correct one. But, in fact, I had not. It took me about five minutes to figure out why I wasn’t getting any sound. So you are not alone.

Okay, I’m feeling a tiny bit better! Thanks for sharing.