Hearing Loud Distortion Sound on Right Speaker from my PS Audio Sprout

When I turn up the volume knob on my PS Audio Sprout. I am hearing a loud distortion sound on my right speaker.

Any suggestions on how to eliminate this feedback in my system? Do I need to rewire something? Check the interconnects?

Maybe a new Power Chord to eliminate system noise?

Please advise. It doesn’t sound very good and I don’t want to ruin my bookshelf speakers.

First an easy check ;

Swap left and right speaker connections on amplifier backplane, if you still have distorsion on right speaker then you have a speaker problem.

If distorsion moves to left side you may have an issue with your amplifier and/or its connected sources.

I´m sure a Sprout expert can help you out better than me from here.

Although not knowing a lot about this specific amplifier, I really doubt that a new power cord will do any good at all here.

Johan is correct, but I would add to that.

  1. First, swap channels, as described and see if the sound moves. If it does not, go to step two.
  2. Either choose a different input or try something different on the source to see if that changes anything
What you're trying to do is narrow down the problem. If it's the speaker itself, then swapping channels won't change anything. If the problem moves to the other speaker, then it's somewhere inside Sprout.

We’re here to help. Call us and let us know.

Hi Johan,

Thanks for posting about this issue.

If you continue to have problems please feel free to contact us directly.


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