Heaven Sent USB cable

Hi, I have tried my PWDAC II latest firmware connect USB input and WIN 11 PC with Jcat Signature cable after reading

, excellent sound, but only with 44,1kHz!
Other hi res files are with pops like playing scratching vinyl. What to do?

…and Audioquest Diamond play Hi Res with no problems!

Nobody in PSA is interesting in old PWD… It is very good DAC in PCM mode, but they left this product undone. I2S connection with PC(PCIe card Pink Faun) does not work with 44,1 and 88,2 kHz in native and nativeX mode, But sound with Jcat USB signature cable is much more musical and very useful (in comparing with my newer DAC Chord DAVE). But 44,1 kHz ONLY! I don´t want DS with its DSD processing for PCM files.
It is a shame,

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The Directstream sounds so superior when playing PCM via the DSD processing. I can’t understand why anyone would not want it over a straight PCM dac. It surely is not because of the sonics.