Heavy rotation




I guess that ripping them with an NPC is out of the question then, eh? :))






Makes me wish I had a TT.


But would you play them or keep them as collectors’ items? >:)

I have never understood obtaining an item for the mere fact of possession; I did not receive the collector gene.



What is the new lower forum member price? Shipping?dew1551@gmail.com




birddogthecat said: In the event they want to hear Beatles-Stones-Sinatra MFSL LP recordings they play the individually packaged records - not the boxed sets . . .

This makes sense. The individual records are the same I assume.

birddogthecat said: Unfortunately, I do have the collector gene. I have over 1,000 collector boxes & individual LP's mostly sealed.

I understand collecting as an investment and I understand it if you can use and enjoy your collection, such as buying art - you an look at it every day.

Collecting sealed boxes you an never even open seems very esoteric.

I am always delighted learning of such activities as they make my odd quirks appear minor. :)



birddogthecat said: If esoteric translates to madness, then we are on the same page.


birddogthecat said: MINT prices for that version begin at $500-$700USD range.