Help! Bridge II issues on my DSJr Dac

Initially I tried to update the bridge II as instructed. The display said “bridge updating 0%” but never moves off 0%. I left it run 4 hours, did a power cycle and ran it again for another 2 hours and it was still on 0%. It did not move from 0% so I shut it down. Since then I’ve notices some quirks but my primary concern is when I arrive at the screen that display the firmware versions, next to bridge it says “none”

On this screen shot it is Brdg :3.6.17 version…but mine says BRDG: none Can anyone advise me how to get my bridge functioning properly?

We’re on it! Just sent the link to your post to service, they’ve got a couple guides on how to get you up and running.

Hey dhart86!

Here’s a handy guide on doing this update - it should go alot smoother than this.

I also recommend updating your unit to Snowmass 2.01, which I can help with as well!

Let me know how it goes and if you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you…I received the MConnect Bridge II update guide from Customer Service. I followed the instructions provided and it worked instantly. Thank you PS Audio customer service for the easy fix!

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