Help, I am all (Network) thumbs

one Mac and one NAS?
Roon core is a separate device, or is running on the one Mac too?

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…if Roon is on the mac then I would expect Roon to see the mounted NAS share as effectively a local disk, does roon have a separate / different dialog if you want to add local storage to its list of music locations?

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This doesn’t look like a Synology NAS screen. At least it doesn’t look like mine. You need to point a browser at the NAS, log in, and check the SMB settings via Control Panel → File Services → SMB tab. Once enabled, use the same username and password you used for dBpoweramp when you point Roon at the NAS. The network SMB access string is provided on the SMB tab.

No. This is for sharing the iMac’s Wi-Fi internet connection to other computers in your network thru the iMac’s ethernet. You need to get into the NAS to ensure the SMB service is running and configured. Synology NAS should respond with a login window when you point a browser to it using it’s IP address ie where is the IP address of your Synology NAS.

Hey Scott,

Apologies for delay in responding. Just starting the day here. :yum:

As Jim wrote, I wouldn’t recommend enabling ‘Internet Sharing’. I suspect that would allow access to the public internet!

As Jim also wrote, you can use most any browser on a device that has access to the network to which your NAS server is connected. (A Synology NAS app is also available but let’s not go there for the moment. :wink: ) You can use either the IP address or name interchangeably on the address line. It will challenge you to supply user name and password. If you’re not sure of these you can look at what dBpoweramp uses.

I agree that at least part of the problem lies in how the NAS is set up for access.

Thanks all.

Going to see if I can get to the bottom of it from this angle. Give the latest error message, there is at least a chance I am down to trying to dredge up my UN and/or PW.


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I just had another thought about a contributing factor. Like most IT-related specs, SMB has gone through a number of changes since its inception, mainly to improve security. Incompatible versions can cause issues. However, for a start, let’s see how the NAS is set up.

I feel like its time to step back and consider a basic fact, that is – here is what JRMC and dBpoweramp sees and interacts with – no problem:

/Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips/

/Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips

The only difference is dBpoweramp omits the last “/”.

This leads me to believe that the problem is something esoterically related to Roon, not my NAS settings or anything else.

I am stubbornly stuck on the idea that I am “simply” not entering the equivalent of the above pathway in Roon in the right location to add the folder to the list of storage locations for Roon to ping. :man_shrugging:


Armed with this info, it appears the location is already mounted and accessible to your iMac. In Roon go to Settings → Storage → Add Watched Folder, select Add Local Folder and type in exactly as you wrote it in your last post, it should work. You may or may not need the terminating “/“ or have to enclose the string in double quotes.

FYI: Just because you can use spaces in file and directory names doesn’t mean you should. As a rule of thumb I refrain from using spaces in file/directory names, they tend to cause more problems than they are worth.


100% agree.

I am assuming you are using precise language. To that end please note the following:

If I click on Settings and then Storage my only option is:

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 7.33.59 PM

If I click on the Add folder icon I see this screen:

Note there does not appear to be an Add Watched Folder option.

I can click on add network share or new folder, that’s all.

I have been up and down through all of the directories in the Folder Listing and nothing is indicative of my network/NAS.

If I enter /Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips/ OR /Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips
and click on new folder I get this message:

(End of Post 1 of 2)

(Post 2 of 2)

If I select “Add network share” and enter either of the two paths previously specified, I get this message:

Since dBpoweramp and JRMC “see” the NAS without issue and I never had to enter a UN or PW for those two pieces of software to work, I am reasonably certain there is no “permissions” issue.

So, I have come full circle and remain thoroughly and frustratingly stumped.

Is there a way for me to spoof the blank between dBpoweramp and Rips in the path to make sure the space is not an issue?

Hey Scott,

From your reply to me and your last two comments, it’s only just occurred to me that dBpoweramp and JRMC are running on the Mac! You wrote this earlier but it’s just registered. :roll_eyes: Is Roon also running on the Mac?

If this is so then, obviously the folder share to the NAS has already been set up, as you wrote and so you only need to refer to it as a ‘local’ folder.

So, if Roon is running on the Mac, you should only need to refer it to

/Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips

You may not need the leading ‘/’ if Roon is looking at a relative path. You may still need to enclose the path in double-quotes because of the space.

Yes. Roon Core, dbpoweramp and JRMC are all housed on the same iMac. Apologies for not being more clear.

Can you illustrate what you mean by: “You may still need to enclose the path in double-quotes because of the space.”

The result (still):

[Note: this results from trying New Folder, not network share.]

Apologies. I should have been clearer. The folder already exists so you shouldn’t need to add a new one. Is there a dialogue that allows you to add an existing one?

Ah! Missed your first question. You may need to try

“/Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips”


“Volumes/music/dBpoweramp Rips”

I can’t find any evidence that the folder already exists.


Can you expand the ‘Volumes’ entry?