Help! I'm ready to throw my PC into the trash

I’d like to get this to work before I buy the Apple. I’ve got a PC and wireless network although I’ve connected the Bridge with a cable. Trying JRiver I don’t see anyway to play my music out to the Bridge. It’s not recognized as a device in JRiver. I’ll use anything - I just want to get it to work so that I can play a digital file through the network to the Bridge. I haven’t found instructions as yet as to how to make that happen.

Can someone direct me to documentation as to how the Bridge is supposed to show up on Foobar or JRiver and how to fix it if it doesn’t. I’m highly frustrated. Or just tell me how to do it. I’ve been back and forth with Win 10 and am back to win 7.


Nick, I love and use J River but have observed many times that parts of their interface can be less than completely intuitive, and they have not done as good a job with documentation as they have with writing their code. Just to check the basics, in case you haven’t already: In tools, options, media network, do you have “use media network to share this library…” enabled? and below it, do you have “dlna server” and “dlna controller” enabled? Once you do these two things, then when you go back to the main J RIver screen and click on Player and then Zone you should see the bridge as an available zone. It sometimes takes a few minutes to appear, so if you’ve done the above and don’t see it, take a 5-minute break and then check again. if this hasn’t done the trick there are other things you can look at. FWIW this should work with both Win 10 and 7… good luck!

Tell us a wee bit more about your network. Are you connected to the Bridge with a crossover cable or are you connected via a switch/router?


Don’t buy a different computer or change your version of Windows! It’s JRiver; the topic of how to get JRiver to work comes all the time here. I think that the directions Bob gave should do it. but if not ask again with more info about your network.

We are working on a way to be able to send a good default jRiver configuration to customers that have issues like this, but we have not completed it yet. I will make a post when we do.



If JR does not SEE the Bridge then proper configuration is a mute point.

A clean install of JRMC on a stock win7 and properly connected network should, at least, make the Bridge [ or generic name] show up in JR.

Then the settings depend largely on file types and resolutions.

If you want to try foobar2000, here are the steps I took (a bit dated but I don’t think much has changed):

Download foobar2000 at and install it.

Pick a basic “appearance” when prompted (doesn’t really matter which).

Go to the components page on the foobar site and download UPnP MediaRenderer Output 1.0 beta 4 and install it. Apply the change and restart foobar2000 when promoted.

In preferences/output, select your PWD or DS and 24 bits.

In preferences/media library, point it to your music folder(s) (loading the library was the only step that took much time and even that is pretty fast).

In my case, I use the monkeymote4foobar iPad controller so I installed its component (when you purchase the app from the App Store, it will tell you where to find the PC component; you get it from the monkeymote site and it installs like other foobar components; you need to restart foobar2000 after installing it).

Note that foobar2000 does not stream DSD files to the Bridge.

Thanks for the help folks! Bob’s instructions worked. It should be a bit more straightforward. I’m not a neophyte or a Luddite. I tried his fix yesterday (it worked) and then suffered a video card memory malfunction that I had to diagnose today (it was that or the new RAM - finally figured out it was the video card). The card was interfering with the motherboard and then, in the midst of all the restarting during the diagnosis, the Windows system files got corrupted. I’ve only just now recovered. Whew! I’m looking forward to doing some listening tomorrow.

Heck, I just might build a music server using a Mac Mini (new) and an old monitor I have. It might be easier. We’ll see - I’ll admit my frustration level was at an all time high.

Thanks to all of you.

Nbeadles, I have been an IT 3rd level support guy, among other things, for 25 years, and despite how much I use J River and like it, I do find their interface design to be highly confounding at times, specifically in the configuration screens. It’s not you. :) But I of course agree with magister that you should not switch your platform or OS just because of this problem. :) I am glad to see Stevem2 chimed in with foobar info too!

I’ve got Foobar too, so I appreciate the help there as well. Heck I had to have help with Ashampoo because the instructions on this website were wrong. confusedUDF has to be set to 1.02. Go figure. The PWT is particular. I have an OPPO that reads everything.

Don’t be too quick to give up on the PC platform. Does your CPU have onboard graphics? If it does, then use that. Video cards are notorious for confounding audio. I am very fond of Fidelizer as well and I think that it sounds a little better than all the Windows tweaks that I had done on my own.

I may try it - you’re not a rep or anything right? I’m hesitant because folks get on sites and say “this is great” and they are just selling their product.

Both Fidelizer and our colleague, wglenn, are completely legit. smile