Help needed to understand a strange noise

Dear Experts,

I am a happy owner of a Sprout100, paired with the Q Acoustics 3020i speakers.
Both the amp and the speakers are brand new and I’m using them since only 4 days.

At certain frequencies, I’m hearing a strange noise that I would make listen to you.
At this link you can download a small audio file:
The link expires in a week, but I can re-upload the file in case of need.

Is a horrible recording from my smartphone, sorry.

At about the second 00:06, I hope you can hear that noise too. It sounds “metallic” or like an excessive vibration of the membrane.

I don’t have trained ears and I’m not an audiophile, so I don’t know if it is a “distortion” or something else.
I only know that I hear it and it comes from my brand new hi-fi system :worried:

More info:

  • That song was playing from Spotify through the Bluetooth (I don’t own other sources available at the moment)
  • I used banana plugs to connect the cables to the speakers
  • The recording comes from the right speaker
  • I tried switching the speakers and the cables, but the noise persist

Thank you very much!

Sounds like something is loose either in your speaker, or in the vicinity of the speaker. I assume that note is creating a sympathetic vibration, if it happens every time you play it. Does it come out of both speakers? Does it get better or worse depending on volume?

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, it happens every time I play that song.
I can also hear the noise from youtube:, between 00:09 and 00:10 seconds.
The noise comes out only from the right speaker, regardless of which speaker I plug in as “right”.

That is in the recording. Welcome to the Audiophile World of being able to hear everything! ; )


And so a bad news becomes a good one! :smiley:
Thank you again very much.


Sounds like low horns or synth-horns, spinning it on Qobuz in hires.