help with Mac recognizing my PS DAC

I’m trying to set my my PS DAC. I’ve got all the cables hooked up to my system but when I plug the USB into my Mac computer, it isn’t recognized. How do I get my computer to talk to the DAC?

I realize I’m going to need to download a driver. But which one? And how?

Sorry to be so ignorant of this part of the audio game. But up to now I’ve consciously sought simplicity in putting together my system.

It is helpful to indicate exactly which PSA DAC you own; there are several.

This is from the manual for the DS Senior:

On a Mac computer with OS X Yosemite [or later, I assume] the drivers are already available and the unit should be automatically recognized. You can then go and choose the PS Audio USB driver to play to by going to System Preferences->Sound and select the PS Audio PerfectWave DSD. You can also go to Applications->Utilities->Audio Midi and select the driver as well as set the sample rate.

If necessary, try rebooting the computer with the DAC connected.

If these steps don’t work, let us know.

Also, what software are you using? If it’s just iTunes, use Audio Midi Setup as magister suggested. The DAC should be listed when you open the app. If using iTunes, you might want to get BitPerfect through the Mac App Store. With Audio Midi Set-Up you’re stuck with whatever resolution you select whereas BitPerfect works with iTunes and will play your files at their native resolutions (no up or down sampling).