Help - XLR / RCA adapters


Help - Is there anyone who recommends some good quality XLR / RCA adapters? Is there anyone in the forum who has experience with this?

I will try it on my BHK 250 / DirectStream DAC XLR outputs. I’m going to try out this solution, where my DirectStream DAC is pre-amplified with my BHK Signature 250 Amplifier. Why do not I just use XLR? I have an old infinity electronically crossover (RS1b) maybe it will help me with more power. I do not know so much about it - but I’m not doing anything in the air by trying?

Thanks more love from Denmark


Cardas makes some. I just installed a pair I own a few seconds ago actually. I have a few variations I bought from Music Direct here in the US. You should be able to find them in Denmark. Good luck.


Thank bro


Amazon also has the Cardas XLR adapters and are sigificantly less expensive. Music Direct is around $200 USD. Cheaper ones are available at Sweetwater and Parts Express.


Thanks bro