Help - XLR / RCA adapters

Help - Is there anyone who recommends some good quality XLR / RCA adapters? Is there anyone in the forum who has experience with this?

I will try it on my BHK 250 / DirectStream DAC XLR outputs. I’m going to try out this solution, where my DirectStream DAC is pre-amplified with my BHK Signature 250 Amplifier. Why do not I just use XLR? I have an old infinity electronically crossover (RS1b) maybe it will help me with more power. I do not know so much about it - but I’m not doing anything in the air by trying?

Thanks more love from Denmark

Cardas makes some. I just installed a pair I own a few seconds ago actually. I have a few variations I bought from Music Direct here in the US. You should be able to find them in Denmark. Good luck.

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Thank bro

Amazon also has the Cardas XLR adapters and are sigificantly less expensive. Music Direct is around $200 USD. Cheaper ones are available at Sweetwater and Parts Express.

Thanks bro