Hi Frequency noise from DS DAC

I used to have my DS DAC connected to a pre amp but recently the pre fail and now I have the DS connected direct to my amp. The thing is that now I noticed a hi frequency noise in my speakers twitters in idle. It is like a white noise. I know that the DS have a high frequency signal when in idle but it is supposed to be inaudible so what is going on with this. Is my DS defective?
Some additional information:
If I use the 20db setting the noise go very very low but it is still there. If I turn the volume to 100 the noise stay at the same leve so the volume don’t affect the noise.
My amp is an Ayre V-5 and I’m using XLR connection.
I don’t remember to have this noise when connected to my pre.

This is probably normal.

There are many threads on this; see, e.g., here.

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