High-end USB (or I2S) Cables Evaluation on DS MK2

This cable is the personal owner owners of worldwide wholesalers. He stated they have auditioned 450 usb cables and the best they have heard is the Inakustik pure silver at $3500 U.S and then 2nd is the Pink Faun. I think you already have a winner Luca. I’m going to see if he can give me a good deal on there matching Ethernet cable.

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I played a few DSD256 files and they sounded better than last week. I added a Master fuse, but the SQ improvement of these files are greater than the PST playback. I believe the logical explanation is the Omega USB cable had more break in (two weeks in system). The hi-resolution music seems particularlly benefit more from it.

Now I am in waymenchen camp, these hi-end digital cables make as much difference as any other type of cables in the system.


Okay, you have convinced me. Cables matter!


The sad thing for me is I have no use for a USB cable in my system. Do they make Omega AES/EBU cables? I suppose I should look. My Stealth AES/EBU cable was not cheap. Can you return them if they don’t please you? Is that even possible?

Before Stealth I was all about Shunyata. I am not actually sure the Stealth top USB betters the lowly Sigma. I would pick one at random and be happy with whatever I got.

Omega. Have you compared it to the current tip top trendy cable, the Dragon? I haven’t Dragoned yet.

Luckily USB is all I could use from Omega, their aes/ebu is at higher price ($4,750). It is still a bit lower than Stealth top line, I think.

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By $1200. I think I will take the it’s already paid for and move on not knowing route.

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From reviewing a few top USB cables, I know I would be happy with any of them. You already reach the top of mountain, and all you get is a different view when turning your head. The views are all good!