High Fidelity Cables Magnetic Adapters [SOLD]

Description From the Cable Company site: "With the use of the RCA Adapters, you will hear improved clarity, definition, and space between the instruments - in other words, better resolution and soundstaging. The effect(s) are NOT subtle in our experience.

Where do they work? Any RCA cable connected components will benefit from the use of the RCA Adapters. If you listen to Vinyl, having a pair of High Fidelity RCA adapters between turntable and phono stage will be an enormous upgrade in performance. Between CD player or DAC to Preamp or Amplifier, the RCA Adapters will also make any cable you currently use perform at a much higher level."

They are “Destination End” meaning they work at the end point, not the source component.

These were used 1x for 2 days. They come with the hard plastic box and free cleaning putty shown.

The retail price is $299.00, asking $135.00, or best offer

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