High quality 3-button remote

I’m looking for a high quality 3-button remote. One that feels like a crafted piece of billet aluminum, bead blasted nicely textured finish. It needs to be IR programmable to copy an existing remote.

I only want vol and mute.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a custom job. I can’t recall running into any three button remotes. The original metal Apple IR remotes had… seven buttons.

If you can settle for that, a rpi programmed to repeat and translate the signal should do the trick.

I’ve looked high and low for an alternative to the Harmony remotes and nothing has come close. It’s disappointing they’re EOL.

I’ve used this version for as long as I can remember:

I started with the early Phillips for 10 years and now Harmony for 10 or so. Crazy I have a couple that have appreciated. One is brand new as I thought the hub was toast but it was fine, power supply simply stopped.

I love the feel of the Holo remote but the input button causes a problem. It’s too easy to touch it and wonder why the music stopped. The only downside only the speakers in plain sight.

I’m looking for a 3-button version of the Holo remote build. I’ll reach out and see if they have others from the same maker.

You could always disable the input button physically by putting some temp internal padding from letting it depress easily.

Great build and hand feel, but I don’t like how the buttons rattle on that remote.

Sure, I hadn’t bothered to even see if I could open it.


Edit: Done. A small piece of thin yoga mat material 4 holes punched so the buttons are held up. Much less button noise with 4 of the 7 damped.

I haven’t used an ir repeater for years but I’m sure I have one in the parts box.

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I bought this one off eBay for my Bel Canto integrated. It works as described and feels very solid.

Maybe you could contact Hattor Audio and find out who makes their remotes for them.

AFAIK, they don’t have a three-button one for their products but I think the basic design they use for their remotes might otherwise match the aesthetic you seem to be after.

They have a nice heft and feel to them.

You might be able to get a custom remote fashioned by them or their supplier.


Hattor Webpage

I did contact Halo audio and they didn’t even understand the question. I’m all set with my 2 min. reversible mod to the factory remote.

I also added a less dense layer of open-cell foam between the copper buttons that rattle and the microswitches. No more rattle but still the pleasing click.


The three right buttons are mute vol+ and vol-. No jiggle. The others are firm and not easily pressed.

It feels like solid billet.

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